alfred-mensahRev. Alfred Johnson Mensah is a man called to the kingdom of God at the local and international level of evangelism. He is the founder of Touch of Heaven Ministries where God uses him to touch many souls both churches and on the streets.” He is recognized for powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Rev. Alfred, possesses an associate degree in Morris Cerrulo School of Ministry in Jerusalem, Israel, and Practical Theology and Evangelism from The Bible Church of Christ Institute in the Bronx, New York. He is one of the few who teaches what the Bible says, but not the doctrine he came to find in the church. Most of the people are teaching the doctrine they came to find in the church when they were young. Many of them have no Biblical proof of scriptures. All his books are full of teachings because he understands that it is through teachings that the body of Christ can be built up, more than preaching. God therefore anointed him with the gifts of teaching and healings. The dramatic conversion of Rev. Alfred Johnson Mensah has made him one of the greatest teachers and healing ministers of our time. Rev. Alfred Johnson Mensah and his wife Evangelist Serah Mensah are always on the street ministry, touching souls into the kingdom of God. He always confesses that it pleases the Lord to carry out the great the commission, so his motto is “I must do the work of him who sent me whilst it is the day.” He loves winning souls than to stick at the pulpit. He usually says that, those at the church are already saved, so the Lord needs those who are on the street, to be saved. He is indeed a God appointed minister for this generation in the end time. Currently, Rev. Alfred Mensah and his family reside in the Bronx, New York.