The Empowerment to Rule & Reign

Your life has been given to you to rule and reign in life by the word of your mouth, for nothing moves until you speak to it. And you have been empowered to change your life by the word of your confessions. Shun away the negativity and live a life of positive mindset. It is a medium that can shutter away the mediocrity in you, to live the abundant live in Christ Jesus. God has given you a talent and gift to appear before kings. Know for sure that it took John the Baptist to reveal Jesus to the Jews and it took Aaron to lead Moses to the children of Israel.




alfred-mensahRev. Alfred Johnson Mensah is a man called to the kingdom of God at the local and international level of evangelism. He is the founder of Touch of Heaven Ministries where God uses him to touch many souls both churches and on the streets.” He is recognized for powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Rev. Alfred, possesses an associate degree in Morris Cerrulo School of Ministry in Jerusalem, Israel, and Practical 

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